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We asked our customers - Why did you select Everything Nursery Ltd as a Supplier?

"Helpful, Delivery Quick, Prices Better" PH, Rugby

"Personal Contact and Prompt Service" SA, Leics

"We selected them on cost, but also found them to be reliable and quick to deliver" LC, Notts

"Competitive Prices !" Anon, Northants

"Very reliable and we are happy with their service" Anon, Notts

"I like the personal service and fast delivery" CJ, Northants

"Because of the customer care and they help if we need something not listed" Anon, Northants

"Because their prices are reasonable and they are friendly" Anon, Northants

"Competitive Prices, Friendly Service, Deliveries to the door" DT, Herts

"Friendly, helpful, and very quick to turn orders around" Anon, Rugby

"A local supplier and have always found you all very friendly", Anon, Towcester

"Because of your product knowledge, reliability and being able to deal with a named person", LC, London

"Because of your reliable service, competitive prices and helpful staff" Anon, Leics

"I was recommended by another nursery in our group and found them to be friendly and to offer good quality products" MG, Bucks

"I switched to them because my previous reliable became unreliable. They make my orders easy !" AK, Northants

"I have always found them to be extremely customer friendly, offer competitive prices and quick delivery" SC, Leics

"We started buying a few cleaning products, but now buy a wider variety as we liked the reliability" JL, Northants

"I didn't believe how much longer lasting Mr SoapySoap was until I tried it myself - Paul was right" SR, Leics


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